Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How many bags will I require?

· For new customers, sales officer will contact you to establish how much waste is generated from your premises over a week. The number of waste bags/sticker labels/wheelie bins required should be calculated by the sales officer and confirmed on your agreement, which will be signed by you.

· For existing customers, your orders will be distributed to you as usual. If you require more orders contact us on 020 8057 8017, Mob: 07946 765 444 or visit: www.magnumukpro.com or email: info@magnumukpro.com to re-order.  Placing out unpaid commercial refuse on Public Highway is an offence with carries a fixed penalties or prosecutions by the local authority. Magnum UK will not collect all unpaid/unidentified waste unless agreed in advance by both parties.

Q 2. How do I purchase or order?

· You can order orange Magnum UK orange standard or premium bags, sticker labels for cardboard (only) Clear Recycling Bags (bottles only) by calling 020 8057 8017 between 09:00 am – 17:30 pm & Mob: 07946 765 444 after 17:30 pm.  Alternatively, you can email: victor@magnumukpro.com.

Q 2b. what are your payment methods?

You may pay by Bac, Cash or Cheque & account

Q 3. What happens if my waste is missed?

· If your waste is placed out for collection at the agreed time with Magnum UK, there should be problem but on occasion where there is problem due to access please call 020 8057 8017 between 09:00 – 18:00 Mon – Friday or 0794 6765 444 Mon – Sun 24hrs Service

Q 4a. What is the maximum weight the bags can hold?

· Standard orange bags 7kg
· Premium orange bags 12kg
Q 4b. What is maximum weight for cardboard sticker label?

· Flat packed cardboard x 10 securely tied up

Q 5. Where should my waste be presented for collection?

· Where possible, waste should to be presented directly against the forecourt or building line of your premises/business (please ensure your waste does not obstruct the footway for other road users).

Q 6. What time are collections made?

· Customers are advised to place waste out for collection no later than ½ an hour before agreed collection time with your Magnum UK Customer Services Representative.

Q 7. What are the implications of not keeping to collection timebands?

· Time bands are in force in most London boroughs, to ensure the streets do not become permanently clogged with waste, which looks unsightly. Local Authorities Enforcement officers will issue fixed penalties and/or prosecute commercial customers that contravene time-bands. This applies to all commercial waste place on the public highway for more than two & half hours from the agreed collection time with Magnum UK.

Q 8. What is the minimum quantity of bags/sticker labels/bins a customer can order?

· The minimum order for Standard bags is 200 bags

· Premium bags is 200 bags
· Cardboard sticker labels is 100
· Clear recycling bags is 200

Speak to a customer service representative for current discounts across ourfull range products including savings on Sticker labels

Q 9. Do I have sign a contract? And what are the terms of payments

· Magnum UK Environmental provide our customers with a range of flexible payment plans and depending on the size of your business and amount of waste produced, you have the option to order waste products on our next day delivery service or one stop contractual service.

· All products ordered must be paid for in full and in advance of delivery. Alternatively, customers can set up account for delivery of products, which must be paid within 10 days from the day of delivery.

· Customers can benefit from our hassle free “Contract Service” with the piece of mind that your business will receive an additional saving of 2.5% on all direct debits. A tailored made collection service, guaranteed collection scheduled services, out of hours /onsite collections, and a dedicated Customer Services Representative

Please ask your Customer Services Representative for full terms and conditions of sale

Q 10. What is the cost of the bags and tape?

· Please call 020 8057 8017 or Mob: 07946 765 444 for quote. All prices are quoted with or without VAT.

Q 11. How are bags delivered?

· All contract customers paying by “Direct Debit” are delivered to as per contract specification.

· For Example 200 bags x 2 = 400 bags per month
· “Pay as you go” customers can also receive orders within 24 hours from order confirmation payment in full.

Q 12. What if I run out of bags or sticker labels before delivery date?

· Call our sales team on 020 8057 8017 or 07946 765 444 for our free next day delivery service. Customers are strongly advised to order products in advance of at least one week before they run out of stock. Magnum UK will not collect unidentified waste without prior notification.

· If you have received a monthly delivery and run out before the next delivery date, call 020 8057 8017 or 07946 765 444 to arrange for more bags/stickers until your next delivery date. This may include contract order amendment/adjustments.

Q13. How do I know when my next delivery date for the product is?

· Contract customers paying by “Direct Debit” will receive their orders on the 30th day of every month subject to payment confirmation.

· “Non Direct Debit” customers will receive products 24 hours after confirmation of payment.

· Customers with large order of 1,000 + bags/sticker labels will receive order within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

Q 14. What is the expected time between requesting bags/sticker label and receiving the delivery?

· For new customers, your product will be delivered within 24 hours of payment confirmation.

· For existing customers with “direct debit”, your product will be delivered as per contract specification. If you run low/out of product before next scheduled delivery date, you will receive order within 24 hours.

· Existing customers “Pay as Go” are strongly advised to call at least one week in advance for possible 24-hour delivery subject to payment confirmation.

Q 15a. What is a Waste Transfer Note (WTN)?

· Before a collection service starts, you must complete and submit a Waste Transfer Note (WTN). It is a legal document that needs to exist between the business (waste producer/transferor) and Magnum UK Environmental Ltd (waste carrier/transferee).

· The WTN is not a contract but a declaration of the type of rubbish that will be collected from your site(s), how this is contained, when it is collected and where it is ends up.

· WTNs are required to be kept for a minimum of 2 years. Failure to produce a WTN upon request can lead to a fine or prosecution.

Q 15b. What WTN must include:

• A description of the waste
• Any processes the waste has been through
• How the waste is contained or packaged
• The quantity of the waste
• The place, date and time of transfer
• The name and address of both parties
• Details of the permit, license or exemption of the person receiving the waste
• The appropriate European Waste Catalogue (EWC) code for your waste

Q 16. What Times do you collect?

· We collect waste to suit customer. Most of our collections takes place mainly at close of high street business hour: –

· AM Collections: 00:30amto 05:00am
· PM Collections: 18:00pm to 23.55pm.

Q 17. What should I do if the bags aren’t delivered on time?

· Please contact Magnum UK immediately on 020 3551 2557 or email: info@mymagnumuk.com and sales representative will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Q 18. What will Magnum UK not collect?

· Magnum UK Environmental Ltd will NOT collect: –
· Overweight or leaking bags (Please double bagged leaking bags)
· Overweight bins (Excess waste will be placed back in bin for next collection date after emptying the paid for load)
· Clinical Waste
· Broken Glasses in bags. (Broken glasses must be boxed with a warning notice attached)

Q 19. Where does my waste go?

· General waste is processed at one of three (3) London cantered incineration plants one in the South (North Greenwich), one in the East London and the final in the northeast (Edmonton).

Q 20. Why do you incinerate my waste?

· Incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic waste materials. Magnum UK believes this is believing this much safer and more sustainable then landfill and energy produced means cheaper fuel for us all.

Q 21. Do I have to separate my mixed recycling?

· No. Just place all your recycling in theMagnum UK clear bags or sticker labels provided. Magnum UK uses the latest technology to separate the recyclables in our transfer Centre, so less work and time for you.

Q 22. Which day do you collect recycling?

· Everyday! Unless you require additional collections?

Q 23. I want sign up with Magnum but I have a load of council/private bags still to use, what should I do?

· Go ahead and place and your order which will be delivered to you the next day. As you’ve paid for these other bags, continue to use them and when you want us to start collecting,  just give us a call of your preferred starting date.